Gas bill: lower it from your smartphone

Gas bill: lower it from your smartphone

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There gas bill accounts for about 80% of the total energy expenditure of each family. Home heating and domestic hot water cost on average between 1,300 and 1,500 euros a year, sometimes without even obtaining the conditions of living comfort that one would like.

It could be yours gas bill it is too high because you are buying at a price that is not convenient or because the rate you are using is not suitable for your consumption profile. You can check it by using ours gas tariff comparator and if necessary change operator.

But it could also be that your heating system is not being used optimally. Most of the time the domestic systems are controlled by a single thermostat that regulates the temperature in the main room of the house, typically the living room, making the temperature of the whole house uniform regardless of the comfort needs of the individual rooms.

The single thermostat is not an efficient system: heating empty rooms is a waste of energy that affects the gas bill. Thinking about it, it would be like having a single switch for the lighting that turns on or off all the lights in the house at the same time.

The solution to save is the heating room by room, or zone heating, based on a series of sensors through which it is possible to have a differentiated temperature control for the different areas of the house, according to the needs and methods of use. The sensors distributed in the home are all interconnected to a central panel, which in turn uses a radio frequency connection system to be controlled remotely, usually thanks to an app, conveniently from the smartphone.

With a system for controlling the zone heating different environments can be managed in a different way, even several. Obviously without replacing theheating system, which can be based on traditional radiators, air convectors, or on a low temperature floor (or wall) system.

An important aspect not to be forgotten is that a intelligent heating by zones it can be installed in any type of home, apartment or detached house, without building works or new electrical wiring. The intelligence lies in the fact that, in addition to the remote control via smartphone, the sensors are able to understand if there is an open window or if the temperature has dropped suddenly, and to maintain the preset conditions room by room. The results are seen in comfort and in one gas bill less salty.

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