How to get rid of rust

How to get rid of rust

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How to get rid of rust: under the action of the sun the iron heats up a lot, then cools down and creates very small cracks that allow oxygen to creep in and form the rust. Thankfully there are several DIY techniques foreliminate rustand as many products that allow you to protect objects from rust.

How to get rid of rust with sandpaper
It is practical and economical, sandpaper is suitable forremove rustwith small regular and slightly oxidized surfaces. Sandpaper is sold in various grains, from coarser to finer for smoothing and finishing.

Pros: inexpensive, easy to use, you can choose the grain according to the object on which to operate.
Cons: only suitable for small items.

How to get rid of rust with the brush
It is recommended where sanding is not enough, it is used for a more thorough cleaning and is particularly useful on curved surfaces and on the folds of wrought iron. The rust remover brushes have a convex shape and a comfortable handle to hold, allow you toeliminate rusteven in hard to reach areas. Before painting an iron surface, it is always recommended to pass a brush like this carefully.

Pros: Easy to find, easy to use, perfect for curved objects.
Cons: it is used with difficulty on large objects.

How to get rid of rustwith files
The files are produced from steel with a high carbon content, have more or less coarse and embossed knurls, it is thanks to these knurls that they are able to eliminate rust and smooth the metal. Files can be used to “smooth out” cutting or burrseliminate rustfrom flat, curved or edge surfaces; the shapes are varied to be able to act on any type of surface: there are flat, triangular, round, half-round, knife files…. Foreliminate rustwith the files it will be necessary to exert pressure (with the hands) only in the advancement phase of the instrument and never in the return phase.

Pros: easy to find, precise, suitable for different types of surfaces, excellent for eliminating cutting burrs.
Cons: they are more complex to use and slower in action precisely because they act only in the progress phase, while with a brush and sandpaper you just need to rub, using files you will need to be more careful.

How to get rid of rustwith drill and grinder
Where more aggression is needed foreliminate rustdeep down, instead of using hand tools, the use of metal brushes to be applied to the drill or angle grinder is recommended.

In addition to the mechanical methods described above, there are products and chemical agents capable of eliminating rust from iron and other metals.

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