Container housing modules

Container housing modules

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Container housing modules:the so-called "container house "it has become a new standard of living. Acontaineris meant to support considerable loads and reconversion ahousing modulesisrelativelysimple.

The use ofcontainerfor purposehousingit is a clear example of sustainable and reversible architecture through the reuse of existing elements. The conversion of acontainerin the housing module it provides different treatments such as anti-corrosion and thermal insulation.

Container prices
A containerstandardnew can be bought for around 7,000 euros but who is on the hunt forcontainerto convert tohousing modulescan point to second-hand: in the terminal areas, tens if not hundreds ofcontainerin disuse, in these contexts it is easy to buy this used metal box for a very low investment that can vary from 600 to 2,500 euros, depending on the model and the state of conservation.

Housing modules Container Prices
Thepriceof thecontainer homesit is definitely more salty. In Italy there is no shortage of companies that marketcontainer homes.An Austrian producer quite popular also among us Italians proposescontainer homesfrom cost of 87,000 euros. The Austrian producer, with the nice name "ContainMe! ", offers six different models ofcontainer homes, the cheapest costs, as stated, 87 thousand euros, has an area of ​​50 m2 and is composed of two extended and already equipped container modules. It is authenticgreen buildingif you think that icontainerused for the construction ofhousing modulescome from construction sites.

Container housing modules
The conversion of acontainerin ahousing moduleit requires the use of few materials and little energy. THEsteel containerallow to obtain robust structures but require pre-treatment: beingmetal boxesit will be necessary to carry out a first anti-corrosion treatment, in fact, even if they are hermetic, inon-sea containersthey are not well protected from corrosion and after only 5 years they could be rich in rust. For this, for the conversion tohousing modules, or are employedsea ​​containersor an anti-corrosion treatment is carried out.

Another drawback is linked to the low thermal efficiency. Acontainerit has poor thermal insulation: steel is an excellent conductor of heat! If you don't add the appropriateinsulating panels, containers will become cold in winter and hot in summer.

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