Trays for seedbeds, from do-it-yourself to the market

Trays for seedbeds, from do-it-yourself to the market

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Trays for seedbed:on the market there are many trays forseedbedbut, with a little will and good manpower, it will be possible to make one with thedo-it-yourself.

To make a seedbedyou will need few components: a perforated container and a substrate! To understand how to proceed you will need to understand what are the characteristics of a good oneseedbed tray!

A standard seedbed must have:

  • a growth substrate
  • good ventilation

Starting material
From this it follows that a goodseedbedit can be set up starting from a saucer or even from onetrayof ice cream now empty!

Just make some holes in the bottom of the saucer (or tray) to ensure good ventilation.

As for the substrate, on the market there is soil for sowing, but many seeds can germinate also on a substrate given by absorbent kitchen paper (such as Scottex or similar) soaked in water and if necessary (only for seeds that take a long time to sprout) liquid fertilizer (such as sprintene or similar); in this regard, take a look at our guide article "how to sprout seeds with the paper towel method".

For special lighting and temperature needs, it may be necessary to set up aseedbedwith lamps and thermostat. Lamps often produce heat too, so try to best estimate your germination needs before shopping.

They exist on the marketseedbedsat controlled temperature and with artificial lighting. The prices of these products are quite affordable. Taking a look spotted the “Grand Top”, aseedbed with thermostatic regulation, with 65 W thermal power.

Useful link from Amazon: GTP Gran Top.

The seedbed with thermostat allows you to maintain a controlled temperature from 0 to 40 ° C. For precise temperature regulation, there is a thermostat that can range from 0 to 40 ° C. In this case theseedbedit does not consist of atray, but from an aluminum skeleton and a “heating mat”, that is a base equipped with coils capable of transmitting heat.

The seedbed is compact in size (760mm long, 400mm wide and 460mm high) and is priced around 75 euros. Once you have purchased this seedbed it will be necessary to add a base that can contain the growth substrate of the plants, the same proposes trays compatible with the Grand Top but whoever wants can self-produce any base resistant to the temperature to be set for the seedbed .

In the photo above, the Beckmann Allgäu FS1 seedbed, made in Germany and with a 10-year material guarantee.

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