How to remove moles and grillotalpas in a natural way

How to remove moles and grillotalpas in a natural way

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For drive away moles and even the mice that gnaw the roots of many plants, there are natural and harmless remedies for both animals and humans. They work and are worth a try before resorting to more aggressive systems.

The first remedy for remove moles in a natural way is to sow plants with a strong and pungent smell, particularly unwelcome to moles and voles. They lend themselves well: garlic, melitol and euphorbia.

The roots and hollow stems of Euphorbia lathyrus, also called cataputia, contain a milky substance that repels moles. But be careful: this plant propagates very easily and to contain its spread it is better to eliminate its flowers.

Another useful plant for remove moles in a natural way it is the Fritillaria imperialis. The bulbs planted between the flower beds keep rodents away because they have a very acrid smell that disgusts them. Don't forget that rodents do not like noises: scattering noisy objects whistling in the wind on the ground is an excellent supplementary system.

To recap, the plants that keep moles and mice away are: garlic, melitol, euphorbia, fritillaria.

How to remove the grillotalpa

The grillotalpa it is a graceful insect that with the mole has only a passion for tubers and roots, of which it is voracious and greedy. In the garden and in the vegetable garden it can do damage and it is best to keep it away from crops. You can do it well in spring by burying some 10 cm high plastic bottles: insects fall into them and can be transported and released elsewhere.

Another system for remove the grillotalpa, natural but more bloody, consists in identifying the galleries in which they live and flooding them with water added with a little cooking oil. The eggs and young will drown, while the adult insects will float to the surface and can be transported elsewhere.

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