How to make soil fertile

How to make soil fertile

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When thelandisaridthere is little to be done, you have to undertake a "shock therapy" to move the clods andmake the soil fertile.

If agroundisarid, probably because it has been neglected for years: if the soil in your garden is dry, you will have to work very hard to make it moist and deep; let us state immediately that this is not an easy task.

When agroundit is probably dry because it has been too beaten by the sun and wind, little irrigation and above allvery loose. It is usually assumed that if asoil is not fertile, it is because it is a sandy soil but it is not necessarily so, it could be a calcareous soil or one with a lot of "skeleton", ie stones and gravel.

How to make soil fertile

To mitigate theconditionsextreme of aarid ground and being able to plant something, a crash program will have to be implemented. Here's how to proceed:

  • Bring onetillerrobust (if you don't have a smalltractoryou can always rent one) and carry out 4 processes, at least up to 15 cm deep.
  • If you have tomake soil fertilestony, be very careful: you could damage the blades of the tiller or worse, throw the stones in the air and injure yourself or your helper. Use special protection for the face and eyes. The stony ground is quite difficult to treat, if you hear a metallic noise under the blades of the motor hoe, stop the tool and dig manually (with a hoe or shovel) until the stone is extracted safely.
  • The four processes can be distributed over as many days or carried out in a row. Organize yourself according to the time available.
  • At the end of the work, spread 5 kg of mature manure (or 500 grams of dry manure) and 3 kg of earthworm humus (or 4 kg of mature compost) on the loose earth, finally add 2 kg of river sand. These dosages are intended for each square meter ofsoil to be made fertile.
  • Carry out 2 more operations with the motor hoe in order to further move the ground andhomogenize itwith inatural fertilizersadded.
  • Wet the ground with a nebulized jet on alternate evenings for about ten days.
  • You cancultivate the soilalready after 15 - 20 days from the last work with the tiller. Of course, to start your vegetable garden or garden, choose plants with few needs, certainly notazaleas and hydrangeas! Start growing with drought-resistant vegetables or plants: woody aromatic, Mediterranean shrubs, Australian shrubs, herbaceous perennials ...

N.B .: if you have a beaten ground to be transformed into a vegetable garden, as an alternative to the procedure described above you can hypothesize the planting of a raised vegetable garden, see: Prepare a raised garden.

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