Bare root plants: how to plant them

Bare root plants: how to plant them

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The plants a bare root that you can buy are usually small fruit trees. Planting in the open field can take place from the beginning of March or early autumn.

There bare root it is generally protected by sawdust or soil to protect it from shocks as well as from sudden changes in temperature. Then there can be a jute wrap or a plastic jar: the first can be laid out on the bottom of the hole at the time of implantation, anything that is not biodegradable must be eliminated. Before implantation, the protection around the root must be removed and the root slightly toned. In this article we see how.

Plant bare root plants: Preparations. Before planting a plant a bare root it is useful to perform a light pruning of the foliage. This operation serves to give the plant more energy available during the vegetative restart. Pruning will help the tree to lignify more vigorously and have a thicker crown.

A few hours before planting, the plant is left to rest in a bucket with a mixture of earth, water and mature manure. The name of this operation is'harnessing'And it is important because it promotes the rehydration of the roots and the taking root of the tree.

It can happen that you buy the bare root plants in advance of the right time to plant them. Moment that also depends on the phases of the moon. In this case, they should be left waiting in a well-sheltered corner of the garden, taking care to cover the root system with a layer of sand and peat. At the time of implantation, proceed as described above.

The hole in which to plant the tree must have dimensions suitable to comfortably contain the root system and filled on the bottom with soft earth with the addition of fertilizer. After having covered with more earth up to the collar, it ends with an abundant watering.

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