How to protect hydrangeas from the cold

How to protect hydrangeas from the cold

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Protect hydrangeas from the coldwinter will ensure our plant a glorious summer full of blooms! Many are asking“Because hydrangeas don't bloom? ”, Hypothesize a thousand diseases worse thanDr. Housewhen the answer lies in the past winter period.

Except for two species ofhydrangeas(thereH. Arborescens and H. paniculata),these plants carry theirsflowerson the branches developed during the previous season (the so-calledold wood), thus, the beginnings of thehydrangea flowerswill have to pass the cold winterand the unstable spring.

The species ofhydrangeas most in need of protection and care in the winter months, are theHydrogea macrophyllaand theHydrogea serrata. Then,how to protect hydrangeas from the cold?

Thewinter careto be allocated tohydrangeathey are not very complex but it all depends on the temperature in which thehydrangea. If you live in an area where there is a risk of late frosts, you must necessarily take cover, as you must do if in winter the temperatures are so cold as to threaten the vegetation of thehydrangea.

When it is necessaryprotect hydrangeas from the coldand what are the security measures to be implemented?
Generally speaking, it can be said that those who live in the center or in the South of Italy have nothing to fear while those who grow hydrangeas in the north will have to organize themselves toto protectthese plants fromcold.

Cover the ground completely so as to startto protectthe roots from the cold. The soil can be covered with a layer of mulch.
For those who live in the far north, where winter frosts are the order of the day with temperatures below zero, the care to be dedicated tohydrangeagrow: get organized to repair the entire plant fromcold. That's how:

  • Cover the soil around thehydrangeamulch (prefer materials capable of overheating the soil).
  • Surround the shrub with a metal cage (a large mesh net will be fine).
  • If necessary, to secure the net, gently move the stems.
  • Spread a continuous transparent sheet (polypropylene type) over the net.

With this system you will be able toprotect hydrangeas from the coldin all their parts: roots, branches, buds… in particular, you will be able to protect the new buds in the process of forming in the lower part of the old branches.
Intense cold can damage the terminal bud and hinder the formation of new flowers.

Be very careful when removing the plastic sheet and especially the net, some branches could be entangled in the meshes.

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