How to read the gas meter

How to read the gas meter

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To understand how to read the gas meter it is essential to avoid being "burned" by bills that are too high and to regulate your consumption, understanding in time when you are using more gas than usual and it is therefore better to take action.

The dial of the gas meter has a window divided into two parts, one with a black background and the other with a red background. The two parts are divided by a comma; the first, in fact, reports consumption in progressive cubic meters, the second the decimals of the cubic meter. To understand how to read the gas meter it is necessary to know that only the figure with a black background is significant for checking consumption or self-reading, while the figures with a red background can be neglected without problems.

When it is necessary to know the serial number of the meter in older models (in modern ones it corresponds to the company serial number) there is a sticker or a brass plate on the meter with the relative serial number.

It is not important to know the meaning of the other figures printed on the device to know the amount of your consumption, but usually these indicate maximum flow rate (Qmax), minimum flow rate (Qmin), maximum pressure (Pmax) and volume (V).

Read the gas meter it is essential in cases where you can or must communicate the self-reading of your meter. The advantage of self-reading is to have a bill that is always precise, without the dangers of maxi-adjustments and with the possibility of having your historical readings available in the customer areas online, in order to have an even more precise overview of consumption with the supplier, verifying any significant differences between self-readings and estimated consumption.

For example, for Enel Energia offers, such as e-light GasEnergiaSicura GasSimple Gasit is possible to communicate the reading in the useful period indicated on the bill, by sending a text message, by calling the free number 800 900 837, by accessing the dedicated area of ​​the site or by downloading the "Enel Energia" app for smartphones and tablets.

A similar service is offered by Acea Energia, with self-reading to be communicated via telephone (800 130 338 from a fixed network, 06 454 081 25 from a mobile phone) or via the web for rates such as Acea Rapida Gas is Acea Unica Gas.

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