How to choose the parquet

How to choose the parquet

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How to choose the parquet: forto chooseat best the parquetyou have to know the difference between the different types ofparquetavailable on the market. Untangling the various proposals is not easy at all if you do not know the differences between the types ofparquet, in fact we have the one in solid wood, the one with support, laminated parquet,parquetwith different finishes… herehow to choose the parquet!

If you have tochoose the floor of the houseand you are considering the installation of theparquet, here are some indications on how to better orient yourself. On this page you will find the different types ofparquetlisted in order of "value", fromparquetmore expensive to cheaper ones. With this type of order you will know that the lower you go, the more you will go down byprice.

  • Solid wood parquet

Theparquetsolid wood is the most valuable as it is made entirely of noble wood. Thepriceof this type of parquet varies according to the type of wood, thickness and finish. On the market there are solid wood parquet in different sizes, from small strips to squares similar to tiles. Among its advantages we mention the insulating properties: given the thickness (which starts from 10 to 16-18 mm) it can be an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. Being made of only wood it is an ecological choice. Another advantage is the duration.

  • Parquet with support

I "supported parquet”Are composed of several layers of wood, in this case only the surface layer is made of noble wood. The underlying layers are usually given by poplar, larch or birch wood and serve to give stability to the planks. Thepriceit is determined by the type of support and the type of noble wood used for the coating. Among the advantages we have a good quality / price ratio, lower costs for installation (it is much easier) and also the fact that it can be sanded and refurbished.

  • Laminate parquet - parquet effect

Laminate is stronger than anyparquet but there is a big difference betweenparquetand laminate: the laminate is characterized by a multilayer structure derived from wood (wood fiber, resin panel ...) and the surface part is given by a decorative film that reproduces the pattern of the wood. The laminate can give the effect ofparquetwith very low cost, it is easier to clean thanparquet, more suitable if you intend to install a floor heating system. It is obviously cheaper and also easier to install, moreover the laminate does not undergo color variations with sunlight, so it is more suitable if there are large windows in the house.

  • Faux parquet

PVC is a synthetic material that can give life to floors with grain identical to that of wood. It is waterproof, very easy to clean and is not affected by deformation or "swelling" caused by water. Due to its characteristics it is perfect for bathroom flooring. It is more resistant to most laminate floors and is an excellent acoustic insulator.

Let's talk now aboutfinishes. The parquet can be painted, unfinished or oiled. Furthermore, it can have a smooth, brushed, sawn or slightly irregular surface with raised veins (hand planed).

  • The finishes of Parquet,painted. Glossy parquet

This is the most common finish. It does not require any annual maintenance and can be repainted in case of wear. It scratches less and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

  • The finishes of the parquet, oiled. Matt parquet

A layer of oil is passed on the rough surface of the parquet, capable of nourishing the wood and giving it a matt effect. The finish can be renewed autonomously by passing regenerating oils. The layers of oil put in over the years make the structure brighter and more resistant so it is less prone to signs of aging.

  • The finishes of the parquet, raw

The parquet has no finish. It is natural. It is first laid and then sanded. It does not have any finish so its use is recommended for those who intend to create a customized finish at a later time.

Forchoose the floor of the housegiving priority to natural elements just like the wood of theparquet, also evaluate thebamboo floor.

Guide to choosing parquet: colors, essences and prices, this information is contained in the page "Parquet - How to choose: types and colors "

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