How to choose the hood

How to choose the hood

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How to choose the hood: all the tips and indications to consciously choose the best hood to buy according to your needs.

If you have decided to buy a new onecooker hooddoubts may arise as to which model to orient. They exist on the markethoodswhich differ in structure and type of operation, before examining the various market proposals we provide you with a short list of things to evaluate for to choose the best cooker hood.

How to choose the kitchen hood

When choosing the cooker hood you must consider:

  • The maximum suction capacity of thecooker hood; this parameter should not be related to the number of burners on the hob, rather the maximum suction capacity is chosen based on the size of the room. Knowing the measurements of the room you have an index of the volume of air contained, from here you can choose the best hood for the cubic meters of air drawn in per hour.
  • The noise during operation: acooker hoodnoisy could disturb conversations at the table. It is advisable to choose a very quiet hood especially if the kitchen is shared with the dining room.
  • Energy efficiency

According to the size of the kitchen:
maximum suction capacity of thecooker hood
-For kitchens up to 10 m2, a maximum suction capacity of 200 m³ / h will suffice.
-For kitchens from 11 to 15 m2, a maximum suction capacity of between 220 and 300 m³ / h will be required
-For rooms with dimensions between 16-20 m2, the maximum suction capacity must be between 320 and 400 m³ / h.
-For kitchens of 21-25 sq.m.hood to chooseit must have a maximum suction capacity of between 420 and 500 m³ / h.
-For kitchens of 26-30 sq mhood to chooseit must have a maximum suction capacity ranging from 520 to 600 m³ / h.
-You will needchoose a kitchen hoodwith a suction capacity between 620 - 800 m³ / h if you have a kitchen with a size of 31 - 40 m2.
For even larger kitchens we recommendchoose a kitchen hoodfrom 820 - 1000 m³ / h.

According to the noise of the hood:
decibels at maximum speed
The deciBells (dB) are indicated on the label and indicate the silence of the device. If you want a quiet environment, where thecooker hoodit does not bother conversation or listening to a song on the radio (or a movie on TV), betterchoose a hood for the kitchenup to 55 dB. If this model is too expensive, you can opt for onecooker hoodfrom the noise level between 55 and 63 dB. beyond this threshold, the noise of thecooker hoodbegins to disturb home conversation and listening to radio or television.

Extractor hood or filter hood?

As stated, there are several models ofhoods. They differ in type (for furniture or built-in), in design (style, finishes and color) and in operation; we have soextractor hoods and filter hoods.

Thereextractor hoodrequires a duct, in fact the vapors are channeled into a duct of 10 or 12 mm in diameter that communicates with the outside through a flue or a peripheral duct. Thereextractor hoodit sucks in fumes and vapors very effectively and acts faster than onefilter hood.

Therefilter hoodit is indicated in the absence of ducts that bring the vapors to the outside. Thiscooker hoodit works by releasing the sucked air into the environment after having purified it thanks to an activated carbon filter. In this case it will be necessary to pay attention to the filter so that it can always be in perfect health.

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