How to make candles at home

How to make candles at home

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How to make candles at home:a clear and simple guide that will explain to youhow to make candles at homestarting from a few basic ingredients.

With a little patience and good will, it is possibleprepare homemade candles. In this guide we will seehow to make colored and / or scented candles.

How to make candles at home

Here are the ingredients you need to make the candles in the house. For each ingredient I will give you suggestions on how to choose the best and where you can find them.

Needed for making candles at home:

  • Natural wax
  • Glass jar or container
  • Wicks with base
  • Small saucepan
  • Wooden spoon

As an alternative to the glass jar, if you have silicone molds at home, simple "cake molds", use those too!

You can have results comparable to the candle in the shape of an owl shown in the photo above.

Natural wax for DIY candles

In commerce it is possible to find natural wax for homemade candles in different formats. There are wax flakes, granules, refills… choose the cheapest and / or most suitable for your tastes. I advise you to choose natural wax, even better if soy wax which is much easier to work with.

Soy wax can be found in stores inDIY and DIY or take advantage of online trading. Among the best quality / price products, on Amazon, 2 kg of natural wax of soy can be bought at a price of 18.85 euros with free shipping.

There are also other formats and other brands, I reported this to you because the price is very competitive and it is flake wax, therefore easier to dissolve. For all the info you can visit “this Amazon page“.

Recycle old candles to make new ones

This is also the right opportunity to recycle any remnants of natural candles you have at home. You can also use old colored crayons so that you have some colorful homemade candles.

Wicks for candles

If you use makeshift wicks, attach them to the bottom of thehomemade candlewith double-sided tape. Alternatively, you can use special wicks that you can find in DIY and DIY stores. Also in this case, if you prefer, you can focus on buying and selling online.

Also on Amazon, a pack of
100 wicks is offered at € 14.28 with free shipping. For all the info I invite you to visit “this Amazon page“.

How to make candles at home

Before starting make sure you have the right ingredients, especially as regards the containers: the glass jars must be quite resistant to heat, maybe you can use those for food use that are not actually glass but pyrex. Beware that the thin glass could break on contact with the hot wax.

Another concern: be sure to buy some natural wax so as not to inhale further harmful fumes. Green light to soy wax and beeswax. Precisely for any vapors, just for concern, during the preparation it would be better to wear a mask.

Here is the guide ofDIY candle.

1) The first thing you need to do is attach the wick to the bottom of the container. If the wick does not have a self-adhesive bottom, use double-sided tape to better secure the metal base. An excellent strategy to keep the wicks straight while adding hot wax is shown in the photo below. If you don't have wooden sticks you can use a simple fork!

2) Place a saucepan on the stove and pour the wax to melt. Keep an eye on the situation until all the wax has melted completely.

3) Only when the wax is completely dissolved, can you add any food coloring and perfume (essential oils). Allow to cool slightly and stir with the wooden spoon.

4) Pour the wax into the container and let it cool, wait for it to reach the classic solid consistency.

Homemade scented candle

For prepare scented candles at home, just add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice or special essences for wax to the ingredients above.

Not just essential oils, howevermake scented candlesyou can also use cooking essences: cinnamon, nutmeg, bay leaf and other spices.

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