City landfills. Bodies of waste

City landfills. Bodies of waste

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Landfills at the edges and in the city. Landfills in the soul, and in the life of a group of young people who, by dint of living there, also feel a little landfills, "Waste bodies", in fact. And this is the title of the novel that Elisabetta Bucciarelli has published for the "noir di ecomafia" series of Ambiente editions.

Cement or shreds of meat, infected syringes or harmless tires, furniture and appliances that are sometimes retired prematurely to be replaced by shiny ones. There is everything in landfills where Iac lives, a teenager who grew up too fast, with his little brother Tommi. They drag their bodies, waste, and their spoiled feelings, almost incredulous to find in landfills also the beautiful Silvia, a decent girl who is unhappy with her body. Their three lives between survival and dreams, cross other scraps such as the Turkish Saddam, the black Argo and the Italian Lira Funesta, worthy inhabitants of landfills but who seek redemption with an undisguised dignity.

More than waste and the material thrown away by those who do not know the word waste, harmful in the landfills described by Bucciarelli are the invisible but heavy indifference and the negligent superficiality of those who live elsewhere. Then, however, evil takes over, an evil that doesn't look anyone in the face and that is a variant of the "quiet" life of landfills where Iac and the others seek balance. In the "great evil" they find an opportunity for redemption, because they are profound connoisseurs of landfills, they become resources and points of reference.

Born in Milan, where she also practices writing for theater, television and cinema, Elisabetta Bucciarelli published her first novel in 2005 and then never stopped, "Corpi di scto" is her not only foray into urban and social landfills, if not existential, landfills that does not stop exploring to tell year after year. Book after book.

Corpi di scto is available online in the eBook version, on offer, at 4.99 euros (original price 15 euros) and in paper version at 12.75 euros.

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