How to cook eggs: recipes

With the article how to cook eggs I tried to dismantle the idea that cooking a good hard-boiled egg is an easy thing. Now let's talk about the other basic preparations that have the egg as their protagonist. Three of them come to mind which I think are the main ones: fried eggs, poached eggs and scrambled eggs.

How to cook fried eggs

It consists of pouring the egg into the cooking oil, leaving the yolk whole. A good result requires the egg white to take on consistency (but not too much) and the yolk to remain soft and creamy. It is not difficult and all in all just break the shell gently (without damaging the yolk) before pouring the contents of the egg into the pan. Trick: add a tablespoon of water to the inside edge of the pan and cover for a few minutes, over medium heat. In this way the egg white will remain soft without becoming rubbery.

How to cook poached eggs

This preparation is more complex and delicate than the previous one, it requires good dexterity and various precautions. The poached egg is an egg boiled in water (or in milk for a richer result) that preserves the whole and soft yolk incorporated in the egg white which makes it, in fact, a shirt. When you manage to prepare a well-rounded one you can consider yourself really good.

First of all you need a fresh egg, preferably very fresh, because the more time passes, the more the egg white becomes liquid, struggling to compact. Then you need a pan large enough and deep enough to prevent the egg from touching the edges, one that can contain at least 1.5 liters of water for 1 egg is fine.

Before the water comes to a boil and long before bubbles form (say between 70 ° C and 80 ° C) use the wooden spoon to create a light swirl in the water and then pour the egg with the liquid egg white and whole yolk. At this point you must be skilled enough to continue the rotation of the water without touching the egg. Better if you can also sprinkle the egg from above for the first 20-30 seconds with more water from the pot.

The cooking time for a poached egg is 3-5 minutes. The result will be exceptional if you manage to give it the appearance of a whole egg, with the compact (but not rubbery) egg white and the creamy yolk in the center. Trick: add vinegar or lemon juice to the cooking water, because the acidity helps the egg white to coagulate. However, the flavor (especially of lemon) is likely to be felt on the palate. With a good technique you can do without vinegar and lemon, or you can 'wash' the egg in water and salt after cooking (as chefs do).

How to cook scrambled eggs

Let's go back to simple things with the more classic preparation of an English breakfast. The eggs are poured into a pan in hot oil (or butter if you prefer) after having beaten them well with the addition of a few tablespoons of water or milk. Let them cook slowly until they are of the desired consistency. Trick: the only one is the delicate movement of the eggs during cooking, from the outside towards the center with a spatula and turning the pan. Never mix eggs in a pan as if they were mayonnaise: scrambled yes, but up to a certain point!

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