How to make guacamole sauce

How to make guacamole sauce

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How to make guacamole sauce: all the instructions that will explain to you how to make guacamole starting from a avocado well ripe.

Theguacamoleit's asauceof Mexican origin and a avocado base. The origins of theguacamole sauceseem to date back to the time of theAztecs. The meaning of the wordguacamolederives from Mexican Spanish "avocado sauce ",more specifically from the words "nahuatl" + "soft", whereNahuatlit means "avocado" isSoftit means "sauce".

Gaucamole sauce, the original recipe

In original guacamole recipeabsolutely no ingredients such as sour cream or mayonnaise are added. Rather, theoriginal recipeit is based on very simple ingredients such as: ripe avocados, lime juice, salt and plenty of freshly ground black pepper.

Some variations of theoriginal recipethey see the addition of tomatoes, coriander, onion, garlic, chilli and other spices.

Thereguacamole sauceit can be used to fill sandwiches (for more information, see the recipes ofsandwiches with avocado), to accompany tortilla chips and to enrich other Mexican dishes.

Due to a translation error, many food-bloggers and web magazines report intraditional recipe of guacamolethe presence oftomatoes,while the exact ingredient istomate. The Tomate is actually thetomatillo,a fruit surrounded by a paper-like peel.
Tomatilli are the key ingredient in many cooked and raw green sauces from Mexican and Central American cuisine. Who intends prepare the guacamole sauce according to traditional recipe Mexican, will have to go to the fruit counter of the most well-stocked hypermarkets (such as Auchan) and choose the tomatillo which is usually indicated by the name husk cherry, husk tomato or jamberry.

How to prepare guacamole

1) To prepare the guacamole, you first need to mash the avocados with a fork and add lime or lemon juice.

To prepare guacamole, Mexican tradition requires the use of molcajate, a mortar similar to the one our grandparents used to prepare pesto.

The acid juice, in addition to flavor the sauce, serves to prevent the guacamole from changing color (the pulp of the fruit turns black due to oxidation, the acidic lime juice inhibits this process).

2) Add the other ingredients (salt and pepper) and mix thoroughly.

In the original recipe, for every 4 avocados you will need the juice of 2 limes, a pinch of salt and plenty of pepper. To make the guacamole taste more intense, it is possible to add - compatible with Mexican gastronomic traditions - 2 equally crushed jamberries.

Among the variations of the guacamole sauce, we see that there is the one with red onion (just add a very fine chopped onion), with chilli, with oil, olives and garlic.

To discover the interesting beneficial effects of avocado, we refer you to the article:Avocado, properties and uses.


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