Vinegar for cleaning floors

Vinegar for cleaning floors

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Vinegar for cleaning floors: all the tips for using vinegar to clean floors and wash tiles. L'vinegar it's a natural cleanser with a thousand uses, it is effective for sanitizing the dishwasher, degreasing the oven, cleaning the refrigerator and eliminating bad smells. Thanks to its properties, thevinegar can be used for floor cleaning and tiles. Application is easy and the results are a low cost guarantee.

Detergents do not go very well with human health and even less with that of the environment. The relationship between the environment and detergents has always been controversial, since the first productions. Although modern detergents were born far back in time, their large-scale use began only after the Second World War and from the very first production the environmental impact was harmful.
The first detergents created major pollution problems as the formulation did not provide for biodegradability. Subsequently, some components gave problems due to their biodegradability as they dissolved in the soil and water, causing their contamination. Currently the landscape has changed, on the market there are ecological choices but not free of allergens and relatively risky chemicals. Hence the need to searchnatural alternativesand thevinegaris one of them.

How to clean floors with vinegar
There cleaning floors with vinegar is recommended to eliminate all traces of dust and dirt, in fact thevinegarit can be used like the classic detergents for washing floors.

Too often, floor detergents are enriched with substances that can be harmful to health, even causing irritation to the respiratory system of those living in the home. That is why we recommend using thevinegarlike natural cleanser especially to those who host children in the house who very often are in close contact with the floors.

Just wash the floor with the classicmopbut this time the aqueous solution used will not see added artificial surfactants: mix a coffee cup full of vinegar for every 5 liters of water, hygiene, cleanliness and perfume will be guaranteed.

How to clean tiles with vinegar 
Vinegar can be an excellent detergent for cleaning kitchen and bathroom tiles. Just wipe with a sponge soaked in pure vinegar to remove traces of dirt and grease.

How to clean carpets with vinegar  
Staying on the subjectfloor cleaning,carpets can also beregeneratedwith a nice pass of vinegar. In reality, vinegar not only sanitizes carpets, it also manages to revive the colors of the upholstery. For this purpose, after carefully using the vacuum cleaner on the carpet, pass a rag soaked in pure vinegar following the direction of the fabric. Try not to rub, just wipe the rag firmly and wash (or change) it as it gets dirty. This strategy also acts as a natural moth treatment.

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