Purple potatoes and blue potatoes

Purple potatoes and blue potatoes

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Thepurple potatoes and the blue potatoes (actually there are alsoblack potatoes!) are just a few examples of vegetables with dark skin and pulp. There is only onepotatois only yellow and that the tomatoes are only red, certainly, the most cultivated and widespread in Italy, have these colors but it is not difficult to come across purple and blue varieties of a large number of vegetables.

Thepurple potatoesand blue, they havepropertyslightly different than the classic potatoes; are rich in particular coloring substances (natural!), saidanthocyanins, which in addition to giving the characteristic color, contribute to the well-being of our body.

Most varieties ofpotatogrown in Italy, both amateur and professional, they have white or yellow skin and pulp. There are many people who are unaware of the existence of varieties with dark flesh and skin, in particularVioletor blue. These varieties generally have a very floury pulp and a coloring capable of making anyrecipemore captivating!

Before talking about cultivation, we point out some varieties of purple potatoes and blue, with their respective usesin the kitchen!

Purple potato -velvet Queen
This variety ofpotato it has a purple skin but the pulp is blue, scented with hazelnut. Once developed, the tubers have a classic shape. Who is on the hunt for recipes withpurple potatoesand blue, can use this variety for the preparation of patties and dumplings.

Black potato - vitelotte noire
Theblack potatoesthey are little known (even less popular than blue and purple potatoes); they have black skin and purplish-blackish pulp. Tubers can have either a regular shape or a lumpy shape. In the kitchen it is very popular to garnish dishes, to prepare mashed potatoes, fried or boiled for salads. In the photo below, black fried potatoes like chips.

Blue potatoblue star
We can also speak ofgray potatoesas this variety has a greyish skin and blue flesh. The blue star is a recently introduced variety, it has regular shaped tubers and a taste similar to the white flesh and skin varieties, so it is used for any type of preparation.

How to grow purple potatoes and blue potatoes
Thepurple potatoesand theblue potatoesthey are grown just as seen for traditional potatoes, therefore, to get information oncultivation, we refer you to the article "How to grow potatoes “.

Recall that thepotatoesthey are sown in the open field from February (in the South) to April (in Northern Italy).

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