How to open a tobacconist

How to open a tobacconist

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Open a tobacconist today it is certainly a profitable investment as we can greatly expand the choice of what we want to sell as well as having the possibility of being able to offer customers some services such as lottomatica.

In addition, each tobacconist can combine the main activity with a secondary activity such as a bar, a stationery shop, a newsstand, a perfumery. But let's see in detail like opening a tobacconist, what are the reference standards established by Aams and what are the indicative costs to be incurred.

How to open a tobacconist: do we want to detect it?
In this case, a lower expenditure of resources in terms of time and money is expected, but it is good to understand the reason for the sale of the tobacconist: low operating revenues? It is an aspect that should not be underestimated given that acquiring a tobacco license, even more so with a complete shop already, can be a truly significant expense: such an investment could fluctuate between 200 thousand and 300 thousand euros.

How to open a tobacconist from scratch
To open a tobacconist from scratch, you must follow the procedure provided by the Aams; the purchase of the license alone, in general, can go from a minimum of 100 thousand euros upwards.

How to open a tobacconist, types of operators
According to the AAMS website, it is possible to identify four main types of tobacconists

authorized for the public sale of monopollio products:

  • Ordinary outlets which are normal tobacconists displaying the concession number directly on the sign: they can be recognized by the concession number on the "T" shaped sign on a black background
  • Special stores that are located within particular structures such as airports, ports, railway stations, service areas, etc.
  • The licenses that are instituted in highly frequented bars. The owner can only get supplies from the ordinary resale closest to the business
  • The vending machines which are the classic machines located inside or in the immediate vicinity of the tobacconist's to allow the public to purchase products 24 hours a day. Installation is by the retailer.

How to open a tobacconist, ordinary resales.
Since these are state concessions, the process is quite long and complex; let's see the minimum conditions for the request.
-Minimum distance from the nearest resale which must be:

  • 300 meters in municipalities with populations up to 30,000 inhabitants
  • 250 meters in municipalities with populations from 30,001 up to 100,000 inhabitants
  • 200 meters common with a population exceeding 100,000 inhabitants
  • In municipalities with up to 10 thousand inhabitants, new outlets cannot be opened in the event that the ratio of one tobacconist per 1500 inhabitants has already been reached.

- Productivity for the year.
The AAMS specifies that: "without prejudice to the parameter of the minimum distance, the establishment of a new resale is not allowed when the fourth part of the sum of the additions made by the three resales closest to those to be established and each of which placed at less than 600 meters compared to the location proposed for the establishment of the new resale, is not equal to or greater than:

  • Euro 19,965 in municipalities with populations up to 30,000 inhabitants
  • Euro 31,990 in municipalities with populations from 30,001 to 100,000 inhabitants
  • Euro 39,825 in municipalities with a population greater than 100,000 inhabitants. "

How to open a tobacconist, requirements
An application must be submitted to the Regional Offices of the State Monopoly, which will evaluate the possibility of authorizing the opening of the new store by making an estimate of the value of the concession. The concession will then be auctioned and interested parties will be able to make their written offer in a sealed envelope.
The authorization will be granted to those who have come closest to the price established by the estimate without having exceeded it.
Once the assignment has been received, the owner will have to attend a specialist training course, as required by art. 55, paragraph 2 quinquies, D.L. 78/2010.

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