Cherry fly: natural remedies

Cherry fly: natural remedies

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There cherry fly it is attracted to the yellow color and to capture it, traps of this color equipped with adhesive disks are used. A natural, simple and inexpensive system, which works perfectly from May to June, the time of year in which the cherry fly is at the peak of activity.

In truth the cherry fly it lays its eggs until July in the pulp of the fruits (especially in the late ripening ones) but it is advisable that the traps are not left in action for too long because they can attract other harmless and sometimes useful insects.

There cherry fly it is very similar to the housefly and lays its eggs in not yet ripe cherries, which immediately turn yellow. Yellowing is the first obvious sign of the attack and a prelude to the spillage of the caterpillars that gnaw the pulp causing the fruits to fall. Early ripening cultivars are the least exposed to risk.

The mechanical trap is the most used and most effective system against cherry fly, excluding chemical insecticides. The action is more effective if accompanied by preventive interventions to be carried out during the flowering period (spring). For example, with a natural pesticide such as wormwood infusion.

The infusion of wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) removes the cherry fly from the fruits preventing the deposition of the eggs. It also removes other insects, mites, butterfly larvae and snails but in a natural way and leaves no residue in the leaves or in the ground. The treatment must be done at least three weeks before flowering for it to be as effective as possible.

With the cherry fly we must also be careful to avoid the settlement of colonies. For this reason it is necessary to collect and destroy all the infected cherries that fall from the tree as soon as possible. This operation serves to prevent the chrysalises from penetrating and overwintering in the ground, reappearing in the form of flies the following year.

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