Chlorophyll, an ally of well-being

Chlorophyll, an ally of well-being

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Several studies seem to confirm the beneficial effects of chlorophyll on the body; activates cellular metabolism, improves immune defenses and regenerates cells… in short, there are many beneficial properties of this green liquid.

Chlorophyll, beneficial properties
It oxygenates the body
According to experts, the constant intake of chlorophyll it would bring a greater amount of oxygen to the blood and increase its production, this means that the cells would be more oxygenated. Thanks to this, the heart would benefit greatly: having more oxygen in the veins results in the total purification of the body.

It has been shown that chlorophyll is able to improve the harmful effects of radiation and to join the heavy metals present in cells to facilitate their elimination.

Cleanse the colon
Also according to the facts, chlorophyll would be able to clean the colon, increase the intestinal flora and avoid diseases such as cancer. They recommend, for those with cholesterol problems, to try chlorophyll because it would allow the reduction of triglyceride levels.

Enhance the Immune System
This is due to the fact that certain bacteria cannot survive in oxygen-rich environments. As we have already told you, chlorophyll is a great source of oxygen.
For this reason, harmful and disease-causing bacteria cannot develop. Since chlorophyll is a powerful blood alkalizer, no other types of bacteria will not be able to survive in the blood or in the body. Therefore, those with low immune defenses could benefit from chlorophyll and avoid getting sick often.

Improve digestion
Apparently the entire digestive system would benefit from the consumption of this substance. This is because it would allow calcium oxalate stones to dissolve and eliminate. In fact, experts recommend chlorophyll to those who have problems with gallstones or who suffer from liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach acid, etc.

In which foods is chlorophyll contained?
Spinach are the vegetables with the highest amount of chlorophyll. The ideal is to eat them raw or lightly steam them. Experts recommend adding them to salads.

Other green leafy vegetables
In addition to spinach, we have all the other green leafy vegetables, such as chard, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, celery. To benefit more from the beneficial properties it is advisable to consume these vegetables preferably raw.

Green tea
Green tea boasts significant beneficial properties for the health of our body. Contains chlorophyll and antioxidants. According to experts, regular intake allows for weight loss as it accelerates metabolism.

Other ways to hire the chlorophyll? Try the green magma juice! In this regard, we refer you to reading the article "Green magma, beneficial properties"

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