Homemade degreaser

Homemade degreaser

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Homemade degreaser: tough recipes to prepare excellent natural degreasers for ecological, brilliant and zero-impact cleaning, not only for the environment, even for the pocket.

Homemade degreaser, ingredients and procedure

To prepare onehomemade degreaseryou don't need a PhD. Preparation is simple and the ingredients are easy to find. Thanks tohomemade degreaserit is possible to respect the environment, domestic hygiene and one's health.

Here are the ingredients for the recipe for do-it-yourself degreaser:

  • 500 ml of distilled water
  • 10 g of Marseille soap flakes
  • 30 ml of denatured alcohol
  • 25 drops of Tea Tree Oil or another essential oil of your choice

We recommend using the Tea Tree Oilfor its power disinfect, however if you prefer other fragrances, feel free to perform variations on the theme.

Once the mixture has been prepared, all you have to do is reuse a spray of an old finished detergent so as to spray it on the surfaces you want to disinfect and degrease. Since these are different ingredients, before each use it will be necessary to shake the product well. To best prepare the mixture:

  1. heat the Marseille soap
  2. add the denatured alcohol into the spray bottle
  3. insert the drops of essential oil
  4. add the Marseille soap
  5. and only at the end add the distilled water.
  6. Shake well before each use.

Homemade degreaser, the second recipe

For the second recipe (this time based on lemon, vinegar and baking soda), we refer you to the article entitledDo-it-yourself degreaser.

Why is it important to avoid the use of prepackaged detergents?

THEdetergentsindustrial products are mainly composed of synthetic surfactants derived from petroleum and / or ingredients of vegetable origin. Additives such as perfumes, preservatives, dyes, descalers, pH regulators, abrasives, whiteners, various enzymes, disinfectants are added to the surfactants

The use of detergents can be dangerous to human health, furthermore, both production and disposal can cause damage to the environment.

Detergents pollute the air in the home

Detergents are the cause of the indoor air pollution level. L'French consumer association(UFC), in its monthly magazineQue Choisir, said some cleaners (notably the research focused on floor cleaners) produce formaldehyde (methanal), an irritant, allergic and potentially carcinogenic substance. Most commonly used detergents emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which remain in the domestic atmosphere even for several hours after cleaning. Synthetic fragrances and preservatives can cause different forms of allergy.

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