How to freeze food, packaging guide

How to freeze food, packaging guide

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Freezing food is a matter of convenience: but are you sure you know the most suitable and effective freezing methods?

Of course, practically all types of food can be frozen, including ready-to-eat gourmet dishes, but before proceeding it is a good idea to follow a few steps to ensure that storage is safe. In this regard, we will show you how to freeze food, from already cooked dishes to fruit.

How to freeze food, fundamental criteria
There are two fundamental criteria, mostly given by common sense, before choosing the foods to be preserved:

  • Seasonality

Freeze only the products that are available in certain seasons: valuable vegetables, red fruit, game: in this way their availability is prolonged over time.

  • The right amount

Freezing is suitable for those foods, otherwise perishable, the purchase of which in large quantities involves significant savings on the purchase price.
Furthermore, freezing is suitable for refined gastronomic dishes or for common ready-made dishes that require a rather long preparation time.

How to freeze food, packaging
The products to be stored must be prepared, as a rule, in order to find them ready for immediate use upon consumption. Therefore, all waste and unusable parts such as bones, skins, bones ... The product must then be washed and dried, or in any case always well cleaned. Packaging by packing must necessarily be carried out for several reasons: it protects foods from drying out, frost, prevents the transmission of odors and rancidity of fats.

How to freeze fruit
The fruit must be fresh and completely ripe. For a long and good preservation and to leave the color unaltered, most of the fruit must be packed covered with sugar or syrup. The choice of one or the other system obviously depends on the use you will make of it after defrosting. Sugar is preferred if it is fruit that must be cooked, used for cakes, or to be eaten raw. The amount of sugar to use is approximately 250 grams for each kilogram of fruit. In fact, the fruit keeps its color unaltered if it is immersed in lemon juice before covering it with sugar.
Syrup, on the other hand, is to be preferred only for fruit which must be served raw. For preparation, just bring the water to a boil and add some sugar, mixing everything until it is completely dissolved. Once you have the syrup. This needs to be cooled down before using it.

How to freeze food, packaging materials
The material you will use for packaging must be chemically inert with impermeability to water, air, steam, fats and acids. The recommended materials are: polythene available in rolls by the meter or bags, special cellophane for food; aluminum, in rolls by the meter or in sheets; rigid containers made of aluminum, plastic or glass. A fundamental feature is its impermeability to water, air, steam, fats and acids.

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