How to strengthen your nails naturally

How to strengthen your nails naturally

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How to strengthen brittle nails naturally: on this page we will show you several natural remedies to strengthen brittle nails and what are the causes.

A few steps back…. Why are my nails brittle?
Let's take a few steps back, what makes ours nailsfragile? On the one hand, there may be nutritional deficiencies or imbalances and on the other there is chemistry. That ofnail artseems to be the last frontier of fashion, but it is a pity that the nails they suffer a lot and tend to become more fragile until they break easily.

ThenailsI am not inclined to paint and yet I see photos on Instagram that show the color of the semi-permanent on duty. Chemicals tend to damage your nails and make them more fragile because, almost like the skin, the nails also tend to absorb the substances with which they come into contact.

If yoursnailsthey became fragile out of thin air, it could be a symptom related to your state of health. Thebrittle nailsthey are related to food deficits such as anemia but also to imbalances in thyroid activity. In addition, those suffering from eating disorders or undergoing chemotherapy can suffer from chronic brittleness of the nails due to a more severe protein deficiency. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to talk to your doctor.

Brittle nails, natural remedies

Let's see a list of good practices forstrengthen brittle nails in a natural way, from do-it-yourself remedies to precautions to be implemented in daily life.

  • - Detergents
    Avoid alcohol-based hand cleaners. Alcohol causes dry hands and nails: use natural moisturizing soaps, perhaps based on aloe vera.
  • - Home hygiene
    When doing housework, always wear gloves and limit contact with chemical cleaners as much as possible. Contact with water should also be limited to personal hygiene.
  • - Hydration
    Moisturize your hands and nails with moisturizing products, also in this case the Aloe vera gel could be the best product. Remember that the best way to hydrate your body (including skin and nails) is to drink lots of water.
  • - Take a vacation from polish!
    If you have already implemented all the listed precautions and you have no imbalances of any kind, try taking a vacation from nail polish. Indulge yoursbrittle nailstime to get back into shape. The nails they grow slowly, so consider a break from nail polish of at least 3 months.
  • - Natural remedies
    A few drops of lemon essential oil, spread daily on the brittle nails, they might help you strengthen them. The power of lemon, combined withcoconut oil, can give excellent results in strengthen brittle nails. Argan oil could also be a good ally, but for its high cost we recommend the use of lemon essential oil or, even cheaper, coconut oil.

How to use coconut oil - instructions for making a natural remedy forbrittle nails.
Lemon essential oil, properties and uses - instructions for using Lemon Essence to strengthen thebrittle nails.

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