Caucasian Shepherd: character and price

Caucasian Shepherd: character and price

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Caucasian Shepherd it is a wording that conveys the idea well, for what it is a truly shepherd dog, which takes maximum care of "its flock" even if it is a family. And it comes from the Caucasus, without any misunderstanding. Belonging to Group 2 according to the classification F.C.I., together with dogs of the pinscher, schnauzer, molossoid type and Swiss cattle dogs, the Caucasian shepherd it is originally called Caucasian Ovcharka or Kavkazkaia Outcharka and is a popular large dog breed in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, and Russia.

Large size in the case of the Caucasian shepherd means that the ideal height for females is between 67 and 70 cm and the weight around 45 kg, for males it ranges from 72 to 75 cm, with a weight over 50 kg. The build is sturdy, massive and very muscular, the structure of both bones and muscles is very developed, powerful and well evident throughout the body. Starting from the trunk that in the Caucasian shepherd it is broad and straight, the limbs are all rectilinear and it is enough to look at them to understand that they are an expression of strength, and capable of quick and articulated movements, agile and lively.

The head of the Caucasian shepherd it is “a big head”: it is robust, wide, with a very evident stop, wide and flat forehead. The nose is always dark and stands out on the short snout that tapers towards the tip. The eyes are small, always dark, sunken but very expressive: they reach you with a sense of calm and goodness, characteristics of the Caucasian shepherd.

On our big head the ears stand out, high but dangling, unless they have been shortened as often happens. The harpoon-shaped, sickle-shaped tail is also dangling. For the hair of the Caucasian shepherd there would then be a separate chapter to open. Dense, soft and compact, it has various colors, never black. The Caucasian shepherd it can be straw yellow, white, spotted, brindle, reddish and the coat has three varieties.

Short, intermediate or long hair, in all three cases the Caucasian shepherd it also has a very thick undercoat which needs to be brushed regularly, every week 10 days if short, almost every day if long, concentrating on the area of ​​the ears, the fringes on the legs and the tail. Here is a beautiful dog brush as large as our Caucasian Shepherd. Instead, it is not recommended, maybe one during the spring moulting period, however, it helps the fall of dead hair by favoring a more rapid regrowth of new hair.

We mentioned the Russian origin of the Caucasian shepherd, and to better investigate it is necessary to travel thousands of years ago, to reach the steppes at the foot of the Caucasus mountain range, in times when there are the first forms of pastoralism. He, the Caucasian shepherd, he was the large and strong dog with an indomitable character that was needed in those times and in that environment to protect livestock.

How does the Caucasian shepherd it was recognized in the 1950s in Russia and in the 1980s by the International Cynological Federation and therefore by the E.N.C.I. in Italy. In fact, so it is said, the result of a work of selections and repeated crossings that in the 1950s were made in the Soviet army kennels, obtain valid auxiliaries in border guards and military installations. “Descended from the mountains”, the Caucasian shepherd this is how it was used more, even when it arrived in the 1970s, thanks to breeders from the countries of the former Soviet bloc, in particular Poland, the former Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

Caucasian Shepherd: character

His "pastoral" and partly "military" life marked the character of the Caucasian shepherd that shows a strong and decisive temper: without fear. It is a warrior dog, but not rebellious, indeed, it was perfectly controllable and trainable. Of course, you need an equally firm and decisive owner, at least as much if not more, who puts him in line since he is a puppy.

If you are able to make him understand who is in charge without resorting to violence but making himself respected as a leader, you get a Caucasian shepherd in love with his family, perfectly manageable and incorruptible guardian. The relationship with children is not in itself a problem, it is not and does not become aggressive Caucasian shepherd if not heavily provoked, on the contrary, it is usually very protective with human puppies. It is also true that his size and fast agility can become an involuntary danger even if he wants to be a playmate.

In general, it is a calm, fearless animal and knows how to recognize dangerous situations and be very protective, and also knows when it is not the case to take it. If a smaller dog, on the street, for example, provokes it, the Caucasian shepherd it passes and goes.

By mass, by character and by its hereditary nature, better than the Caucasian shepherd have a house with a garden. It is and remains a demanding dog but if it has a bit of greenery in which to let off steam, move and keep fit it will certainly give the best of its already good character. Relegating him to a small space risks undermining his pride, making him unhappy, suspicious and potentially aggressive, with a grassy space available, however, where to run or play, you can focus on a correct development of the muscles and on a harmonious bearing of the our Caucasian shepherd.

And for your garden, there will certainly be no need for barbed wire or military surveillance: yours is already there Caucasian shepherd. He can sense a stranger from miles away, attacking him when he gets close enough to him. To keep him company, he can be joined by a nice assistant.

Caucasian Shepherd: price

For what concern price, That of the Caucasian shepherd it may undergo variations depending on the breeding but it also depends on the characteristics and quality of the subject, and on factors such as morphology and character that are transmitted by genetic means. On line you can see puppies for sale at 250 euros but also at 800, after checking certificates and guarantees, but in general the quality and bloodline are decisive, and you also take a look at the titles acquired by his parents and at pedigree. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that the younger it is, the less it costs.

Bought, or received as a gift, lucky you, a Caucasian shepherd, including its challenging but wonderful nature, here are a few more tips. Better not to bother him during his sleep or when he eats, even your inappropriate gesture can seem an outrage to an animal like this. proud and proud if disturbed in moments sacred to him: sleep and jelly. For the baby food you can even spoil it with a bowl with support, given its height at the withers.

As for the physical aspect, however, as already mentioned, periodic brushing is recommended to eliminate dead hair. Given the size and the activity of a guardian warrior, it is necessary to provide abundant meals for a Caucasian shepherd, and a lot of protein, keeping calcium and phosphorus levels under control especially during the development phase.

It is best to make sure that the skeletal system develops at its best. In this sense, it is better to avoid when puppies, jumps or other physical exercises that make them strain the hind limbs: then you will have a healthy dog, a playfellow, a guardian and a fighter. A 4-legged ally with whom to understand her best and also very attractive and affectionate, soft, which makes her figure.

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