Healthy cooking methods

Healthy cooking methods

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THE cooking methods of foods play an important role in protecting one's health. As you well know, there are various ways of cooking food; some are harmful to health, while others can preserve the positive characteristics of what we eat. Let's see in detail some healthy cooking methods.

Healthy cooking methods, which one to choose
There is a widespread opinion that boiling is a healthy method of cooking food, especially vegetables, and instead this could be considered one of the worst from a nutritional point of view: totally immersed in boiling water, the food is cooked but they lose a large part of vitamins and mineral salts that are needed by the body.

  • Steam cooking

Among the cooking methods, steam cooking is considered the dietary and healthy method par excellence; healthy because it perfectly preserves the characteristics of the nutrients.
Another advantage of steam cooking is the absence of cooked seasoning; in this case, the food is seasoned raw, therefore the seasonings remain healthy as they do not undergo the cooking process which alters their organoleptic properties.

  • Pressure cooker

The use of the pressure cooker is also very healthy, especially for those foods that require very long cooking times, such as whole grains or some types of meat.
The hermetic closure of the lid prevents the steam that forms from escaping; this creates an increase in the pressure and the boiling temperature. Consequently, cooking times are significantly reduced, with great advantages in terms of gas savings and reduction of the loss of aroma and nutrients, which thanks to the environment saturated with steam remain inside the food.

We do not necessarily have to resort to the pressure cooker, there are special baskets on the market that allow steam cooking. How does it work? It will be sufficient to put about two fingers of water on the bottom of the pot and arrange the basket with the food inside, taking care to prevent the latter from being covered by water; then just put the lid on and let it simmer.

  • Baking

One of the widely used cooking methods is certainly baking; it is versatile, suitable for a large amount of food, fast and safe. With this technique the heat reaches the food directly, with a rapid formation of the surface crust that allows to dissipate few nutrients, keeping most of them.

Eco-conscious indications
What can you do with water after steaming? You can reuse it for washing dishes or let it cool and use it for watering plants.

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