How to grow bilberry

How to grow bilberry: advice and information onblueberry cultivation, from planting to harvest.

Blueberry cultivation:differences between bilberry and cranberry

THEblueberriesare the fruits of the genusVaccinium of the Ericaceae family; theBlackberryVaccinium myrtillus, it blooms in May and bears fruit between July and August, the leaves are oval and the fruits bluish. The fruits of theblueberryare appreciated forpropertynutritional values ​​and the benefits they bring to the human body. In particular, the fruit ofBlackberrythey are particularly rich in anthocyanins and other substances with strong antioxidant power and potential anticancer properties.

Thecranberry, botanicallyVaccinium vitis-idaea, has evergreen leathery leaves, with white or pink flowers gathered in terminal clusters. Vaccinium vitis-idaea produces edible red berries but with a more bitter taste thanBlackberry. Even thecranberryit is highly regarded for its beneficial properties but much less for its flavor.

For the properties of cranberry and bilberry, we recommend reading the article dedicated to benefits of cranberry juice.

On this page we will focus on what are the methods ofcultivation of bilberry, in the garden or in pots, so you can grow bilberry even on the balcony of the house or on the terrace.

How to grow bilberry

Who wantscultivate bilberryhe will have to make sure that he has excellent plants. In nurseries it is possible to buy plants ofblueberryof 9 - 15 months of age. Plants ofblueberryfound in plastic or bare root pots.

Potted blueberry plants

Who buys the seedlings of blueberry in pot, given the small size of the containers, you will find shrubs with an extremely condensed root system. In this case, to favor the planting, before proceeding with planting, it is advisable to intervene on the bread of earth that houses the roots. How?

Lift the plant and remove the earthen bread from the plastic container. If this is difficult, water the plant copiously, wetting only the soil. The earthen bread, soaked in water, will be easier to remove from the plastic container.

Remove a few centimeters of the earthen bread until you reach the roots and, with extreme delicacy, try to untangle and spread them. Immediately after transplanting, if the foliage is excessive, it is advisable to cut away the weak and thin branches.

In the irrigation phase, you must avoid (like the plague!)calcareous water, so ... if the water that flows from the tap is calcareous in your area, use rainwater or demineralized water. Theblueberryit's aacidophilic plant, for more information, refer to the guide on howirrigate acidophilic plants.

When to grow blueberries, the right time

The transplant of theblueberryit should be performed in the spring in the north or at the end of autumn in the south. Hence, theperiodbest for planting falls between:

  • March and May, in the Northern regions and in the Center North.
  • November and December, in the Southern regions and in the Central South.

We told you that theblueberryit is an acidophilic plant, so you must pay attention not only to the irrigation water but above all to the pH reaction of the soil.

Soil and cultivation of blueberry in pots

The shrub ofblueberrygrows well in acidic soils, the ideal pH should be between 4.5 and 5.5.

Be especially careful if you intend to cultivateblueberries in jar: soils with neutral or calcareous reaction should be excluded from the cultivation of this species. A specific guide for the cultivation of blueberries in pots is available on the page:grow blueberries in pots.

Planting of the bilberry

For those who intend to start a cultivation of blueberry with the planting of more plants, he must know that to ensure good development and allow maintenance and harvesting work, it will be necessary to leave 3 meters of space between the rows and 1.2 - 1.4 meters of space between a plant and the other, along the same row.

Timely watering, just after transplanting the young plantsblueberry, is very useful for promoting a good success of the system. Other useful information on the need for cold and the most suitable blueberry varieties for growing blueberries in the north, center or south, can be found at:grow blueberries.

Where to buy blueberry plants

TheBlackberryit is a very coveted shrub, it is possible to find plants at a nursery or by mail order. Among the different varieties we recommend the Precocious Giant Blueberry for the size and flavor of the berries.

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