Casio bluetooth watch

Casio bluetooth watch

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On this page we will provide you with an overview of who they arewatches with bluetoothsigned Casio. All the watches with bluetooth shown on this page are distinguished by the strength and quality of the materials. We report perfect models for those who lead a lifestyle in contact with nature and want an accessory that is precise, functional, practical and without unnecessary frills.

In common, theCasio bluetooth watchesthey have the technology Bluetooth 4.0, anti-theft system, world time function with 29 time zones, stopwatch, timer, possibility of setting 5 daily alarms ... They differ in some features such as the possibility of being able to control the music player (for example, if we have the bluetooth active on the smartphone and we use it as a music player, we can manage our playlists using thewatch with bluetooth), presence of the vibration alarm, the ability to view incoming calls, the ability to view incoming e-mails, the ability to view the calendar and appointments set on the smartphone.

New GBA-400 Bluetooth G-Shock line
The new G-Shock Bluetooth smart line differs in the addition of the scroll wheel for adjusting the timer and alarm. This is the most expensive line because it is more carefully designed and recently launched.


Casio G-Shock Smart Bluetooth GB-6900B-1ER
SuperAuto-Led Light to have the opportunity to see what the display of thewatch with bluetooth in any light condition. Alerts for incoming calls and emails, music player control and calendar / appointment function. The cost of thiswatch with bluetoothimpact resistant and waterproof up to a pressure of 200 bar (it is also suitable for those who love diving) amounts to about 180 euros.

G-Shock Smart Bluetooth GB-6900B-7ER
It carries the same additional functions as the GB-6900B series but differs in design. The Casio warranty, common to all the bluetooth watches mentioned in this article, is 2 years. Also in this case the price is 179 euros, Amazon offers it in white with free shipping.

Casio G-Shock Smart Bluetooth GB-6900B-1BER
Same features as the GB6900B series. It differs in the contrasting colors of the dial. On Amazon this watch with bluetooth is offered in promotion at the price of 115 euros with free shipping and up to out of stock.

Casio G-Shock Smart Bluetooth GB-6900B-3ER
Another milestone of the GB-6900B line. Get a lot of character with the army green camouflage color. Also in this case you have all the smartphone alerts including the ability to manage music. Also in this case the price is 179 euros.


How to manage smartphone music with thebluetooth watch?
The watch allows you to easily control your smartphone's music player by pressing a button. Turn the music on or off, increase or decrease the volume or skip a track: the music player reacts when you press the button.

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