Zero Motorcycles, sales started in Italy

Zero Motorcycles, sales started in Italy

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Who intends to buy oneelectric motorcyclecan rely onZero Motorcycles, finally on sale also inItaly.

ThereZero Motorcyclesis considered the leading producer ofelectric motorcyclesglobally and can offer its customers a wide range ofmotorcycles "Battery" with a displacement greater than 50 cc.

According to the US agency for foreign trade,, Italy would be the main European market for electric motorcycles with a displacement greater than 50 cc, that's whyZero Motorcycleshe wants to consolidate his conquest of the old continent with the boot.

Entering the Italian market is a fundamental step in the global expansion strategy ofZero Motorcycleswhich currently dominates theelectric motorcyclesin other European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the Netherlands.


All models in the 2015 range feature innovative components and we have increased the production capacity of our factories in California. We are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​launching our technologically advanced products in Italy, a country that made the history of world motorcycling and the driving force behind this sports industry.”Said Umberto Uccelli, general manager of Zero Motorcycles Europe.

Our motorcycle will attract the attention of fans from all over Italy. In addition to offering innovative products, our company guarantees excellent services to the growing clientele.”


TheZero Motorcycles electric motorcyclesfor sale inItalyare those of the 2015 range. To see the photos and find out the prices and features of the Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycles, we refer you to the article dedicated toZero Motorcycles electric motorcycles - 2015 range.Among the most popular of the range we point out the Zero S and Zero SR electric motorcycles.

Where to try, see and buy Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycles in Italy?
There Zero Motorcycles is studying a capillary sales network throughout the national territory. For today, his first dealer is a dealer in Northern Italy, located in the heart of Milan,

LOOK THE PHOTOS AND PRICES OF THE 2015 ZERO ELECTRIC BIKES is an electric mobility concept store managed by Thierry Boch; the electric mobility store is located in the center of Milan, in Via Santa Maria alla Porta 11. is the first dealer in Italyauthorised by Zero Motorcycles for the sale and service of its products and also offers electric vehicles for hire.

More info: Zero Motorcycles Zero S and Zero SR electric motorcycles for sale in Italy.

Electric motorcycle: the excellence of Zero Motorcycles

Video: Essai - Zero S équivalent 125 (May 2022).


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