How many wind farms are there in Italy?

How many wind farms are there in Italy?

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How many are there wind farms in Italy? Speaking of 'plants' and not 'parks', according to official ISPRA data, the exact number was 1,054 at the end of 2012. However, it should be noted that since 2000 the average annual growth rate of wind farms in Italy it was 22%, with peaks in 2010 and 2011, years in which 513 new systems were installed. Overall in Italy there has been a sharp increase in the wind farm, with a growth rate of 66% compared to 2009.

At the same time, the gross efficient power of the wind farms in Italy, which in 2012 reached approximately 8,120 MW compared to the 363 MW installed in 2000, with an average annual growth rate of approximately 30%. The gross production of wind farms in Italy it nearly tripled from 2000 to 2003, going from 563 GWh to around 1,458 GWh, subsequently maintaining an average annual growth rate of 28 per cent.

The wind farms they can be divided into on-shore systems (installed on land) and off-shore (installed in the open sea). Among on-shore wind farms there are also small plants, also built for individual users and mainly connected to the low voltage network, and the medium and large size wind farms used to build wind farms consisting of several turbines, connected to the medium or high voltage network (wind farms).

The Italian wind farm it is located for the most part in the south and in the islands, with 848 in 2012, ie about 80% of the total. Among the regions with the largest number of wind farms installed, Puglia emerges (372 plants at the end of 2012), followed by Campania (126), Basilicata (110) and Sicily (92). More than 97% of the installed power per hour arrives from the south and the islands, 1.7% from central Italy and just over 1% from the north.

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