Do it yourself mascara

Do it yourself mascara

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The mascara it is that make-up that serves to enhance the lines of the eyes and the look. There are lengthening mascaras, volumizing mascaras and ambivalent mascaras on the market. Not everyone knows that often the difference between a high quality mascara and a mediocre mascara is not the product itself but the applicator.

If you have a good old applicator at home mascara you can use it to make up your lashes with a DIY mascara. A DIY mascara not only is it cheaper but it offers you several advantages: it is ethical and you will certainly not pollute the environment to prepare it! The ingredients are low cost and easily available.
Furthermore, mascaras on the market can cause irritation due to the presence of chemical ingredients, especially if they are water proof. In this regard we will show you how to make a mascare at home by following our step by step guide.

Do it yourself mascara, what we need

  • 10 grams of aloe vera gel
  • 10 grams of activated carbon of the powder type
  • Small, airtight, resistant plastic box

Do it yourself mascara, the procedure
In a sterilized bowl, mix the aloe vera gel with powdered charcoal, taking care to mix the ingredients well: the mixture must be thick and without lumps ... DIY mascara in a few minutes. You will just have to limit yourself to transfer the product into the box and make sure you have closed it properly.
As you have seen, the procedure is very simple and the product can be used immediately after preparation; you simply have to dip the recycled applicator into the paste and spread the mascara on the eyebrows.

To remove the mascara in excess from the old applicator just rub it between your fingers. The composition of this natural made home mascara is not sticky and goes away easily with any type of make-up remover, be it commercial or made with your own hands.

As it is a totally natural product, you will need to keep the mascara refrigerated and closed carefully to avoid contamination. Its use can be done every day, since the pasta is natural and without contraindications.

Homemade mascara is a great alternative for those who have thin lashes and don't want to wear them out with chemicals. Furthermore, the DIY mascara it is particularly suitable for those who have sensitive eyes and do not like the formulations they find on sale. You will have perfect make-up, especially if you only use mascara in winter, since it can be prepared when needed; in this way you will not waste and you can always use it fresh.

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