Gazania cultivation, all the info

Gazania cultivation, all the info

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Theregazaniait is a plant with generous blooms that can be grown in the garden or in pots. THEgazania flowersthey resemble large daisies that open only with the sun. Theregazaniait is the perfect plant for those who want a garden that is always in bloom: the corollas bloom non-stop from April to October.

If you are thinking of adding a touch of color to your garden, thegazaniais the plant for you. It is a grassy plant that is easy to grow and that with a little extra attention can also thrive in pots.

How to grow Gazania

There cultivation of gazania differs between Northern and Southern Italy. If those who live in Southern Italy cancultivate gazaniaboth in the garden and on the balcony, those who live in the North can grow it only in pots to be placed in sunny places and sheltered from frost. In Southern Italy thegazaniait behaves like a perennial plant while in the North it does not always manage to survive the winter. Thecareof thegazaniafor those who started thecultivationin Northern Italy they are more intense: remember to shelter the plant during the cold months of the year and arrange non-woven fabric protections or place it in a small greenhouse.

  • Exposure and soil

As stated, the flowers ofgazaniathey bloom only in the sun, so it won't be difficult for you to imagine the favorite exposure of this wonderful plant! Theregazaniait requires full sun exposure and grows well in loose and very permeable soils, in the total absence of water stagnation.

  • Cultural care

The care to be devoted to gazania they are few and easy to implement. As stated, those who live in the North will have to protect the plant from the cold.

As for irrigation, it should be watered in moderation and with a frequency that varies according to the type of cultivation:
- water every 15 - 20 days if you have decided to cultivate gazania in the garden
- water every 5 - 6 days if you have decided to grow gazania in pots

For cultivation, use a slow release fertilizer. There are many specific products for flowering plants on the market, just follow the methods and dosages indicated on the label. When to fertilize gazania? The fertilizer must be buried in the early stages of plant growth.

During flowering you will need to take care to eliminate withered flowers so as to promote the formation of new corollas.

  • Cultivation of gazania in pots

If you want to grow gazania in pots, fill the container with light, humus-rich soil. If you live in the north, take the plant to the shelter in the cold months of the year. For the others cultural care to be dedicated to gazania what was said in the previous paragraph applies.

  • Recommended products for the cultivation of Gazania

- Slow release vegetable fertilizer
Offered on Amazon at the promotional price of 9.90 euros with free shipping. The quantity is sufficient to obtain 100 liters of water and fertilize by means of fertigation. Be careful not to get the flowers wet when watering.

  • The varieties of gazania

In the article "Varieties of Gazania, cultivation and advice "I have reported the most beautiful varieties of this plant by identifying the most suitable for growing in pots.

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